Federal grant to help Cannon Ball Elementary rebuild school

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CANNON BALL Cold classrooms and bugs in the building, that's what students and staff have to deal with at Cannon Ball Elementary.

Fortunately the school is set to be rebuilt thanks to a federal grant of more than $5 million.

Everyone KFYR spoke to said this new elementary school is much needed, because the current school isn't the greatest.

Former elementary school teacher Todd Hanson says students have to wear jackets in some classrooms because the building isn't well insulated.

"Sometimes I have to wear my coat because it gets cold inside," said fifth grade student Tayler Lane Red Bow.

But, it's not just the cold rooms, students are thrilled to see change.

"It's exciting because we won't have bugs in the school," said Lanie Belle Miner, fifth grade student.

The Cannon Ball Elementary School's average enrollment is 93 students, and the superintendent of the district is expecting that number to increase because of the new school.

"To allow our children to better learn in an environment that promotes successful learning, we needed a new school. This grant was really the only avenue that we had," said Justin Fryer, Solen Public School District superintendent.

Fryer says The plan is to keep the current school functioning while construction for the new one takes place. Then the old school will be demolished.

The federal funding will be dispersed over three years to replace the Elementary School.