20 percent of sworn Mandan Police Officers are women, nationwide initiative wants 30 percent by 2030

Published: Sep. 30, 2022 at 5:47 PM CDT
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MANDAN, N.D. (KFYR) - The Mandan Police Department is working to be one of the most diverse departments in the state.

Officer Hallie Khalifa started her day patrolling the City of Mandan.

“Headquarters, 276 traffic,” said Officer Khalifa.

“It makes you a little bit uneasy stopping, you know, a stranger,” said Officer Khalifa.

She’s one of eight female officers at the Mandan Police Department.

“So, what I did was I just cut you a warning citation for the speed,” said Officer Khalifa to a driver.

Officer Khalifa said this traffic stop is routine.

Deputy Chief Lori Flaten knows what it’s like to be center stage. She was sworn in as a police officer in 1978. At times, she was the only female officer.

“When I started, you punched a clock when a call came in with the time of the call coming in and then you just typed or wrote in what it was,” said Deputy Chief Flaten.

She said in those days, technology wasn’t the biggest obstacle.

“Somebody would say, you know: ‘Are you a real police officer?’ Or ‘I want a real police officer.’ It’s like: ‘I am a real police officer,’ said Deputy Chief Flaten.

In 2022, 20% of sworn Mandan officers are women. It is about the same in Minot and Dickinson Police Departments. In Bismarck, about one in 10 officers are women. The North Dakota Highway Patrol had the lowest percentage in the state at about 4%.

The ‘30x30 Initiative’ is a nationwide movement to encourage departments to have 30% of women on its force by 2030.

Deputy Flaten hopes other applicants will apply by seeing the departments growing female representation.

“It’s nothing unusual. Nothing unusual and that is good. That is so good,” said Deputy Chief Flaten.

Officer Khalifa said she’s looking forward to moving up in the department.

Deputy Flaten said they’re about to begin a hiring cycle for the next round of officers.