KMOT interviews Miss North Dakota USA 2021 Caitlyn Vogel

Published: Apr. 30, 2021 at 6:38 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – A new Miss North Dakota U.S.A. was crowned this past weekend and the new titleholder is from the Magic City! Caitlyn Vogel is the second-straight Minot native to take the crown. This afternoon, Your News Leader had a chance to speak with Vogel about bringing the title back home.

Grace Kraemer: “Caitlyn, thank you so much for joining me this evening. I cant wait to talk to you about your pageant history a little bit about what it mean to bring home Miss North Dakota U.S.A. So tell me a little bit about what it means to compete again after a year of the the pandemic and not being able to get back on stage.”

Caityln Vogel: “Yes, so I was actually the Miss North Dakota Teen U.S.A. the year before the pandemic, so I skipped the pandemic year. And now I’m back. It was the perfect break for me to not only prep myself for flexibility like this zoom interview but also I was able to make lists of things I wanted to do within the community during my year this year and I just really prepped for this crown.”

Kraemer: “What does it mean to be able to bring back the Miss North Dakota U.S.A. title back to the Magic City?”

Vogel: “You know being born and raised in Minot this is my home, and I’m so proud to be a North Dakotan. I really do think our people are family oriented, determined, and friendly. So I would love to bring home the first Miss U.S.A. crown to North Dakota and be able to represent the not pageant states. We’re not known a whole lot in that realm compared to like Texas and the southern states.”

Kraemer: “What are you doing to prepare for Miss U.S.A. next year? What is the mindset what do you got to do to get ready for that?”

Vogel: “You know its about six months away, so prep starts now. Interviews like this is a great start to working on my confidence and my interview skills. Also, all the appearances in the community. I am so excited to be able to hold this North Dakota position but when I do appearances, I get a feel for what the national responsibilities would be too.”

The Miss U.S.A pageant will be November 29 in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Photo Courtesy: Future Productions

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