ND Insurance Commissioner challenges world record for tallest male politician

Published: Oct. 4, 2019 at 1:09 PM CDT
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UPDATE: Robert Cornegy Jr., the current record holder at 209.6 cm (6 ft 10in), says he welcomes the challenge from anyone and is glad it’s coming from another former college athlete.

Cornegy played for St. John’s College in New York during the 1984-85 season when the team reached the NCSS Final Four. Godfread played at the University of Northern Iowa.

Cornegy, a New York City councilman, says he’d like to come to North Dakota and meet Godfread no matter the outcome of the measurements. Cornegy says he could learn from Godfread about different insurance issues and how he could find solutions to bring back to New York.

Godfread says after his final measurement on Friday, the height average submitted to Guinness World Records is 210.76 cm. It could take up to three months for them to verify the measurements.

ORIGINAL STORY: North Dakota’s Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread joked in March he was really the tallest politician after Robert Cornegy Jr., a New York City Councilman, was given the honor.

On Friday, Godfread officially challenged the record by doing an official measurement.

Godfread will be measure three times during the day, with the standing measurements being averaged together for his official height. The mark he has to beat- 209.6cm according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Godfread said he had no idea about the record until he started getting emails.

“Thankfully I’ve got friends that are all across the country that decided to send me the article right away and you’ve got to fix this,” Godfread said after his second official measurement. “It’s been a fun process. It’s a neat deal an opportunity for us to highlight North Dakota and highlight what we do as insurance regulators across the country.”

After Godfread gets all three measurements, he’ll submit them to Guinness. It could take up to three months for them to verify the findings.

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