XWA will have first class and larger planes soon

WILLISTON, N.D. - More and more people are expected to choose to fly out of Williston’s airport rather than driving hours to fly from other cities.

Both airlines that provide service to the XWA will soon replace their 50-seat planes with larger aircraft that perform better, as well as provide more seating and a first-class option. On October 28, United Airlines will start using a 76-passenger plane, and on November 4, Delta Air Lines will increase to a 70-passenger aircraft.

In 2019, Williston’s airport has consistently had growth of 20%, and they expect that number to rise within the next few months.

“We hope to see our community give us another opportunity to provide air service to them. So, with these larger aircraft and of course the new facility, and the lack of those operational challenges should all contribute to a better experience first and foremost, but also hopefully continue to lower our fares, and that should show increases in our passenger enplanements," said Anthony Dudas, City of Williston airport director.

Dudas says they hope to add another route to Houston, like they had in 2014, to serve the oil industry.