North Dakotans are gearing up for a socially distant summer as boat and RV sales are up

Published: Jun. 24, 2020 at 9:10 PM CDT
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People are buying more equipment for outdoor activities and Moritz Sport and Marine and Riverwood RV are seeing the sales to prove it.

More North Dakotans are getting behind the wheel of boats and RVs to gear up for a socially distant summer.

Bismarck resident Dwight Hegel has enjoyed the benefits of the RV life for the past three years now and many others are catching on to the benefits of getting away from it all.

Bismarck Resident Dwight Hegel said, "Anytime we go anywhere I like to take the RV because then I have my own bathroom, my own food, my own refrigerator, my own little set it for an office if I need, and everything is self-contained and we can travel."

Hundreds of other North Dakotans are catching the craze since COVID-19 social distancing restriction were put in place. This showroom is usually packed with campers and RVs, but Riverwood RV doesn't have enough inventory to fill the showroom because it's all been sold.

Riverwood RV Co-owner Jim Miller said: "Probably by the end of May was probably 80% increase, it was quite dramatic. I think once the parks and weather kind of changed that's when we really seen the increase."

Enjoying the open water is becoming just as popular as enjoying the open road.

Moritz Sport and Marine General Manager Milt Aus said, "As the phrases social distancing, became more and more prevalent we saw more and more families that were looking for different ways to gather."

Hegel plans to travel in his RV to see his son in Fargo soon.

Gasoline prices are lower than they've been in a long time which makes going camping even more enjoyable because the cost getting away is less expensive.

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