American Cancer Society to lay off 25% of staff nationally because COVID-19 economic impacts

Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 9:03 PM CDT
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Private businesses aren't the only ones trying to recover from COVID-19's economic impacts.

Organizations like the American Cancer Society are trying recoup as well.

At the start of the pandemic, American Cancer society officials say CEO's and leadership staff were the first to take pay cuts in order to keep as many employees as they could.

As the pandemic continued, ACS has had to lay off 25% of its staff nationally.

The American Cancer Society has played a big role in finding new treatments for patients, and for helping them to live longer and better, but this year things are tough.

North Dakota American Cancer Society Community Development Manager Heidi Herrington said, "This is by far the most unprecedented time we've ever been in - the most in danger we've ever been in of just plain not existing."

The impact has been huge.

The society has seen a 50% drop in the amount of research and services it's been able to provide.

Herrington said, "In the 100 years we've operated, this is the least amount we've ever been able to do because we just don't have the donations coming in."

Bismarck's American Cancer Society fundraising goal is about $125,000 this year.

As of June, it has raised only about $5,700.

American Cancer society staff say although many of their fundraising events are still up in the air, people have the option to donate virtually at: