Minot Main Street Minute: 10 North Main returns to downtown

MINOT, N.D. - Downtown Minot's go-to place for fine dining,10 North Main, is reopening its doors Tuesday.

“It isn't that we wanted to change, we simply wanted to be 10 North Main, 2.0,” said Bonny Kemper, co-owner.

The fine-dining restaurant with Minot native and actor Josh Duhamel as a main investor had closed earlier this year.

Now, Kemper her daughter Ashlee Deschamp, along with Brock Teets have taken over the business.

“We decided Minot wanted and needed this, and we wanted and needed it also,” said Kemper.

The new owners hired longtime restaurateur Michael Spies to take over the kitchen. Spies said the restaurant will have a true French steakhouse feel to it.

“I had a vision for what to do with the restaurant that the owners thought was a great vision and a great direction to take the new 10 North Main into,” said Spies.

Some local favorites will return, though.

“One of the first things that they always asked was 'You are keeping the pheasant strips, right?' And we are,” said Kemper.

Something new to 10 North Main—the Silhouette Room. Ownership turned the mezzanine into a relaxed bar and sitting area overlooking the dining hall.

The new owners of 10 North Main are looking to bring back the charm of fine dining to downtown Minot, but they're also making a strong push to support local artists. You can even buy paintings right off the wall.

“The art is all going to be for sale. So if anyone is interested in purchasing, we'll let them know how they can get a hold of the artist,” said Kemper.

A taste of community, returning to downtown Minot.

10 North Main will reopen Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.

Kemper said they’re almost full with reservations but still had a few available.

You can call (710) 837-1010 for more information on reservations and hours.

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