Bismarck Gun Show

Published: Sep. 29, 2019 at 4:42 PM CDT
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For more than 50 years the Dakota Territory Gun Collectors Association has held the Bismarck Gun Show and event organizers say this year, fall attendance could be a record holder.

Each year, gun collectors from across the Dakotas meet for the fall Bismarck Gun Show.

Yesterday morning, a vendor discharged a firearm. Event organizers did not want to speak on camera about what happened Saturday, but say this is an isolated incident and the vendor was asked not to come back.

Also at the event center, Jennifer Saville, with the Capital City Ladybirds, is focusing on gun education for women and being outdoors.

"We're just trying to get more women involved in the outdoors, and we're not just about hunting. We are just apart of being in the outdoors, kayaking, ice fishing, you name it," said Saville, Capital City Ladybirds.

Saville says the goal is safety and yesterday's incident is a good reminder of that.

"Absolutely, and that is our number one thing, is safety," said Saville.

Don Glynn, almost known as 'The Godfather', is one of the founding members of the DTGCA and has sold at the show since its inception. Glynn says he will come back for as long as he can because he enjoys showing his collection.

"I had one fellow, one young fellow, probably thirteen years old and he was very interested in history," said DTGCA founding member, Don Glynn.

This year's show had 95 vendors and more than a thousands guns with some pre-dating the Civil War.

No one was injured and police are investigating the incident. Organizers say the next gun show will continue on like before and reminder vendors to keep their guns zip tied during the show.