Mandan High School Uses $35,000 Grant from Marathon Petroleum

Published: Mar. 6, 2019 at 6:48 AM CST
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Mandan Public Schools received a $35,000 grant from Marathon Petroleum in February 2019.

How is that money is helping their students?

The school's primary focus is on preparing their students for real life situations.

They've allocated the grant money to upgrading equipment in the Welding and Agricultural Mechanics programs.

With hands on training in welding and agricultural mechanics, students are well prepared for a job in the trade industry and half of his welding class plans to go into the welding industry, says Stephen Kessler, MHS welding instructing.

"Those students are pretty hyped up every day when they come to class for the most part, ready to weld," Kessler says.

Now thanks to the grant from Marathon Petroleum students are able to take their skills to the next level.

"We have a unique workforce need. So, the more kids we can get with the right training out into the workforce. I think that's what our employers in North Dakota are seeking," explains Jeff Fostnacht, the assistant superintendent of Mandan Public School.

The school keeps their equipment up to industry standards, but the grant money helped the school upgrade its 15 year old equipment with five new grinders, three vices, welding jackets, a student-designed-and-built wardrobe.

Mandan High School plans to use the leftover grant money for new welders once they work out logistics.