Drone use for hunting game illegal in North Dakota

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Commercial drones have been around for years. They have many useful purposes, but not when it comes to hunting.

Using a drone to hunt game is a Class B misdemeanor.

As hunting season approaches there are a few other things to keep in mind.

Bow hunting season is already here and gun hunting season opens Nov. 10 at noon.

Hunters need to keep in mind a few hunting regulations while searching for that big buck.

"You're in North Dakota, you have a deer license. Make sure that your harvesting the deer in the proper unit and the deer on your license," said Robert Timian, North Dakota Game and Fish Department chief game warden.

Hunters in other states are using drones to find deer, but the North Dakota Game and Fish Department stresses that drone use is illegal.

"You cannot use aircraft, either man or unmanned prior to the hunting season to locate and help assist you in locating and harvesting big game," said Timian

Game and Fish strictly enforces any drone violations.

"If someone sees something that they think is illegal, call a local game warden," said Timian.

There were 54,500 deer gun tags made available this year.

For more information on deer hunting regulations visit https://gf.nd.gov/.