BSC teacher gets chance of a lifetime to work for National Geographic

Published: Jan. 29, 2019 at 5:15 PM CST
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One Bismarck State College professor is living out her dream.

Angie Milakovic grew up on a farm in south central North Dakota. She says when she was young, she loved looking at National Geographic magazines at her grandparents’ house.

Milkavoic says she was attracted to how shiny and fancy and heavy they were. Coupled with her love of the landscape, she said it became a dream of hers to work for the magazine.

These students trudged to the campus at Bismarck State College on Tuesday morning through bitter cold to attend a geography computer lab taught by Milakovic. She says her love of geography started at seven-years-old.

“I've loved it my whole life,” Milakovic said. “I think I have I gained a love for geography from when I was very young.”

After graduating with a degree in geography, Milakovic applied for an internship with National Geographic. Although she didn't get it, she continued pursuing what she loved, eventually ending up in what she calls her dream job at BSC teaching geography and geography information systems.

She eventually became part of the North Dakota Geographic Alliance and then applied last winter to be the North Dakota steward for National Geographic, and landed the part-time gig.

“I have the position here now that I always wanted and then National Geographic came with it and I think it's because of all those experiences,” Milakovic said.

She says she loves teaching students about earth science and getting them to enjoy it almost as much as she does.

She says part of her job with National Geographic is working on where to target education in the state. The big project she's collaborating on right now is eliminating plastic in the ocean.