Meadowlark Mercantile makes art more available with vending machines, CSA boxes

Published: Jan. 27, 2022 at 4:44 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Art is traditionally showcased in galleries.

One local group is working to make it available to more people in places you might not expect to find it.

For many artists, that’s good news because their art is now reaching a whole new group of people.

This is Elisha Mueller’s newest hobby. Her polymer clay earrings reflect her love for flowers.

“I’m a botanist,” she explained as she shaped clay into flower shapes.

But her interests don’t stop there – as her business name suggests:

“It’s TMH Studio, which stand for ‘Too Many Hobbies,’” she laughed.

Mueller is interested in all kinds of crafts.

“I started out crocheting, then I got into soapmaking and candle making.”

She’s just now starting to sell her work.

“Getting the word out and finding those customers is definitely hard,” Mueller admitted

Now, her work is little easier to find, thanks to these art vending machines filled with locally produced art.

“I think that people are a little bit surprised to find out what a creative community we have here,” said Nicole Gagner, founder of Meadowlark Mercantile, the group behind the art vending machines.

The idea is to make art more available to the public and to show that art is more than just paint on a canvas.

“There’s so much in here, which is so cool,” said local artist and owner of Knot Too Shabby, Samantha Henk.

Everything from beard oil to cross stitch kits, even books. This vending machine also contains Henke’s macrame earrings.

“It’s definitely that exposure element,” Henke said.

“We have at least three artists that I can think of that this is the first place that they sold their art,” added Gagner.

The vending machines are just one part of Gagner’s vision to make art more available. Meadowlark Mercantile is also selling C-S-A art boxes. Each box will include three pieces of locally produced art, all specially created for these boxes.

For Mueller, it’s a chance to share another of her hobbies.

“I have digital art that’s going into the boxes,” she said.

Digital art that until now, may have never made its way off her iPad and into a customer’s

To learn more about the art boxes and vending machines, including where you can find them, visit

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