Bismarck Capital City Coin Club show returns with record collector attendance

Published: Mar. 21, 2021 at 3:30 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Coin collectors from across the Bismarck-Mandan area held its first coin show since last Spring. One man is grateful for his family friends’ gift that led to a business hobby.

You never know what pocket change might be worth someday. For these coin collectors, they’re excited to show off their finds at the Bismarck Capital City Coin Club show.

“It feels good to get back and you kind of miss these people,” said coin collector Shawn Vedaa

Shawn Vedaa grew up around coins at his father’s grocery store.

“I saw a lot of coins go through and occasionally you’d pick out a silver one,” said Vedaa.

His love for collecting coins began in the 5th grade after a family friend gave him a dime.

“Sooner or later you just get a little carried away and that’s the point I’m at now,” said Vedaa

He still displays his first coin. Across the room is another seller, Skip Wing, the person who gave Shawn his first coin.

“A lot of us like to get kids started [in collecting coins] and it’s really neat to see somebody still doing it after quite a few years and actually being successful at it,” said Wing.

Sylais is one of those children starting is collection and celebrating his tenth birthday by looking at different types of money.

“Well I looked around, I saw the money over there, it was pretty nice. I never saw a 10 dollar bill or two dollar bills in my life,” said Sylais Belgard.

Larry Schneider the organizer and founding member of the Bismarck Capital City Coin Club, loves seeing new faces interested in history.

“It’s just totally refreshing for us to be back in business and have the American public coming out and supporting us the way they do,” said Schneider.

So checking pocket change might not make you rich right away, but it’s something Sylais said he plans to do more often.

Organizer Larry Schneider said some traveled as far as 300 miles away to see the show.

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