Pharmacist and chocopreneur team up to create immune-boosting treats

Published: Mar. 1, 2021 at 2:20 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - We all know that getting a shot of any kind can be scary. COVID vaccines are no different.

Dakota Pharmacy has found a way to make getting yours a bit more enjoyable.

It’s called “CIVIC”: COVID Inoculation with Immunity Chocolate Program. The creators of the program are giving out a sweet treat to every patient who gets their COVID vaccine at the pharmacy.

Donald Bush got his COVID shot at Dakota Pharmacy along with a sweet, little treat.

“It made me feel very good. It’s very tasty,” Bush said.

Bush said it made the whole process more enjoyable.

“I’m a candy freak. So, anything with candy in it, I like very well,” Bush said.

The idea was hatched when Registered Pharmacist Kevin Oberlander and Chocopreneur David Little teamed up to find the perfect chocolate-- one that would not only taste great, but help keep people healthy.

“It comes back to some of the nervousness that’s involved with getting a vaccine. We wanted to try to put a little lighter spin to it,” said Oberlander, owner of Dakota Pharmacy.

While Kevin Oberlander is preparing his pharmacy for vaccine clinics, Little is cooking up a special goodie for every one of those patients.

“It’s a treat that’s good for you and tastes good,” said Immunity Goodness Head Chocopreneur David Little, Fairfield, N.J.

The partners developed a special recipe of vitamins, minerals and Belgian chocolate to create a brand of immune-boosting treats.

“I wouldn’t say that you could eat a nutritional based immune support chocolate and that’s the sole thing that you use, but it’s a great choice for people if they’re looking for a sweet treat,” said Oberlander.

“It’s a wonderful feeling when you get something unexpected, especially chocolate, especially when it relates to the whole reason you’re there,” said Little.

The goal is for every vaccinated patient to walk out of Dakota Pharmacy happier and healthier.

Little and Oberlander produce a variety of edible products. You can find an assortment of beneficial goodies at Dakota Pharmacy. To sign up for a vaccine, visit

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