North Dakota couple stuck in surprise winter in Lone Star State

North Dakota couple stuck in Texas
North Dakota couple stuck in Texas(KFYR)
Published: Feb. 18, 2021 at 9:29 PM CST
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AUTSIN, Texas – A North Dakota couple who traveled to Texas this winter to avoid the cold have found themselves in the middle of the winter storms impacting the Lone Star State.

The Cote Van Rensburgs had traveled to Austin in their RV and had been there for more than two months before the cold weather set in.

Now the couple has relocated to a hotel for the second time this this winter where they currently have electricity but are without running water, like so many in the state.

“We kind of knew the drill. We were feeling like, ok the snow is coming on, we were low on gas that was our original thing was that our gas was out in our RV and there was no getting more until the following Tuesday, said Kayla Cote Van Rensburg.

Kayla said the couple was already checked in to a hotel when the blackouts started, and now they have to wait until the snow and ice melt before they can make any decisions about moving their RV.

“It looked pretty rough when my husband sent me a photo of what it looks like with the water lines in our RV. So we’re planning to stick it out. We can’t really drive it right now, it’s definitely pretty stuck right now,” said Cote Van Rensburg.

The couple said they haven’t had the need to seek out local aid yet, and said their future winter travel plans are up for debate.

Images courtesy: Kayla Cote Van Rensburg

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