Parents of 12-year-old girl hit by car while riding bike urge drivers to exercise caution

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BISMARCK, N.D. - It's one of a parent's worst nightmares: a call saying their child has been hit by a car.

A Bismarck family recently experienced that situation and are thankful their daughter was uninjured.

Now that school has started, there will be a lot more foot traffic at crosswalks, increasing the odds for accidents if drivers and students aren't paying attention.

The wheel of Bailey's bike is bent, but thankfully not broken.

Twelve-year-old Bailey Hager was riding her bike in the crosswalk with a friend on South Washington Street at the corner of Billings Drive.

"The girls did everything right, that they had pushed the button to use the crosswalk but he just didn't see it," says Nicole Kalash, Bailey's mom.

The driver says he didn't see the girls or the flashing crosswalk lights.

"I was, I don't know, uh, you know you thought you lost somebody," says Chris Kalash, Bailey's stepdad.

"Drivers have to realize that, you know, kids are going to be running back and forth, and, you know, especially if they're approaching cars, kids might dart out between two cars, and they might not see the car coming, so just be extra vigilant and maybe slow down a little bit," says Officer Clint Fuller, Bismarck Police Department.

Bailey's parents say it's especially important to be aware of crosswalks this time of year.

"A life isn't worth the couple of seconds you think that you're actually going to save or the couple of minutes you're going to save by getting to that next light," says Chris.

Bismarck Police recommend cyclists walk their bike across a crosswalk instead of riding it.

Bailey's parents say the driver was very remorseful and is purchasing Bailey a new bike.