Kickball for Kids helps raise money for NICU

Most people remember playing kickball as a kid. These adults are playing kickball to help kids.

Climbing around on logs and wires 40ft in the air sounds terrifying to some people, and like a lot of fun to others.

Being forgotten by someone you care deeply about is a jarring experience to say the least

Thirteen Bismarck State College students spend hours each day putting together each and every piece of a new home.

Livestock producers rush to stockpile hay for winter

Military Retiree Appreciation Day

Donate: Hurricane Relief

Don't Buy It, Until We Try It: Power Floss

Dan's Garden: Watering in the fall

How do you handle sibling arguments?

After August delay, students in Mott going full speed ahead in new building

Earth Recycling files suit against City of Minot

Money mistakes that doom new marriages

Mountain lion sighting confirmed along Missouri River in Burleigh County

New app could give parents ability to check for concussions

Main Street Minute: Bismarck Magazine, Dakota Dream Waters

North Dakotan captures photo of bald eagle on hay bale

GOP health bill all but dead; McCain again deals the blow

Former North Dakota first families reminisce on governor’s residence

Minot Alderman Approve 2018 Budget

North Dakota during the Great War

Court dismisses environmental group appeal of BLM's fracking rule

Theige's Custom Guitars turns garbage into art

Downtown construction reaches final stages

Juke Joint Comics closing in Bismarck

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NBC News Headlines

The Rise and Fall of Anthony Weiner: Will He Get Jail Time?

Anthony Weiner, the ambitious New York congressman who online sexual indiscretions turned him into a national punchline, faces jail for sexting a teenager.

Trump Doubles Down on North Korea Threats After U.S. Show of Force

The war of words between the two countries escalated on Saturday after U.S. fighter jets flew over waters east of North Korea in a show of force

Vaccine Skeptic Message Gets Stronger, Bolder

Vaccine skeptics, often called anti-vaxxers, are getting bolder with their message that vaccines are the product of a coverup by industry, government and media.

Not Just Nukes: North Korea Also Has Stockpile of Deadly Nerve Agent

The Center for Nonproliferation Studies estimates North Korea has between 2,500 and 5,000 metric tons of chemical weapons.

Confusion Hinders Efforts Amid Puerto Rico Dam Failure Fear

There was a lack of information about a potentially catastrophic breach of a dam in the town of Isabella, as evacuations continued following Hurricane Maria.