Fri May 22 17:27:19 PDT 2020

Dan's Garden

Dan's Garden

Magic Soccer FC holds small group practices

Magic Soccer FC in Bismarck is having small group practices to restart the soccer season, giving soccer players a safe and socially distant restart.

Exploring options

Oil producers are struggling to find a place to store produced natural gas. This was already an issue well before the market price dropped.

Evening weather 6-2-2020

Tuesday evening weather forecast.

Great Plains Food Bank is distributing food boxes to those in need

Great Plains Food Bank leaders say they're helping with food distribution for the USDA's Farmers to Families Food Box Program.

Is mail-in ballot postage a poll tax? North Dakota election organizers weigh in

Since voting in person this June isn't an option, you need to prepare prior to election day on June 9th. You need a valid form of state ID to apply for a ballot.

Pro's Pointer #5

Equipment or "big-boy toys" are great when everything is working and in this week's Pro's Pointer, Johnnie Candle tells us it's a good idea to give your boat and everything attached to it a good once-over.



NBC News Headlines

L.A. police use UCLA's Jackie Robinson Stadium as 'field jail'

By Tuesday, Los Angeles police arrested nearly 3,000 during George Flynn protests.

Protests show no sign of fading more than a week after George Floyd's death

"We want change," demonstrators in Washington, D.C., chanted.

Trump tweets Ohio man at protest is an 'anarchist.' Now the man's getting death threats.

Nathan Caraway is denying what some on social media have said is proof that an "anarchist" paid off young people to sow dissent at a protest.

Cop in Las Vegas critically wounded, others elsewhere injured in protests

"This has been a long night for your police department ... and a tragic night for our community," the Las Vegas sheriff said Tuesday.

'No way I was staying home': Trump's response leads more protesters to White House

Protesters ignored Tuesday's 7 p.m. curfew and a large group took a knee a day after they were forcefully removed to clear a path for President Donald Trump.