Common ways Americans waste money

Thu Oct 10 10:07:09 PDT 2019

Common ways Americans waste money



NBC News Headlines

Attendee at packed Memorial Day gathering tests positive for coronavirus

Hundreds were possibly exposed to coronavirus after someone at a crowded pool party at Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks tested positive for COVID-19. States continue to reopen, with some areas seeing a surge in cases and others preparing for a possible second spike.

Historic space launch a reminder that there’s reason for hope

NBC News’ José Díaz-Balart reflects on this moment in America. Today’s historic space launch reminds us “that we can still do great things.”

Inside a coronavirus vaccine production lab amid development race

A Johnson & Johnson scientist tells NBC News’ Richard Engel that the company hopes to have the first sets of its vaccine available for use “early next year.” As the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine continues, there are new concerns about which countries will receive it first.

NASA and SpaceX launch historic mission to Space Station

The mission was the first manned launch from American soil in nine years and the first time a private company ever launched NASA astronauts into space.

Officials say ‘outside’ groups responsible for violence at protests

Attorney General Barr said “far left extremist groups” and people who travel from outside the state were responsible for violence at protests over the death of George Floyd. Minnesota officials said a majority of those protesters were not from the state.