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Santa Run

Santa Run

Evening weather 1-18-2020

Saturday evening weather forecast with Meteorologist Emilie Hillman.

City of Bismarck developing comprehensive plan

The City of Bismarck is creating its first comprehensive plan.

North Dakota air travel up from 2018

Nearly 1.2 million people boarded planes in North Dakota in 2019.

North Dakotas interesting primary history

The Presidential race among Democrats really starts to solidify in 17 days, with the Iowa Caucus. However, North Dakota Democrats can jump ahead of Iowa voters on Monday.

Mandan roads submitted for 2024 Urban Road Program Funding

As part of the North Dakota Department of Transportation's Improvement Program, cities in the Metropolitan Planning Organization are able to submit funding requests through various programs to improve roadways.

Beulah bond to update high school

Last week, Beulah residents approved a $6.9 million bond on $10.1 million update to the high school.



Countdown To Olympics

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Puerto Rico residents outraged after discovering unused aid from Hurricane Maria

Gov. Wanda Vázquez fired the island's emergency director Saturday after the incident set off a social media firestorm.

UC Berkeley student workers awarded millions in back pay

The decision comes after the student worker union filed a grievance against the school, saying it was purposefully underscheduling students to avoid paying tuition remission.

She went missing 6 years ago. Her body was just found in a car in a river.

Vanessa Smallwood was last seen in January 2014 at a dry cleaner in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Her name and photo went out on the FBI's missing persons list.

What is The Base? FBI arrest of alleged white supremacists puts focus on extremist group

The decentralized neo-Nazi movement has chapters across the U.S. and the world, and experts say members' threats of violence should be taken seriously.

Las Vegas bird rescuer still searching for pigeons wearing cowboy hats

Mariah Hillman was alarmed by videos showing pigeons in cowboy hats. So she decided to track down the birds and help them.