Sat Aug 17 18:35:53 PDT 2019

Mess Fest

Members of the Bis-Man community made a splash in honor of pediatric cancer.

Evening weather 1-18-2020

Saturday evening weather forecast with Meteorologist Emilie Hillman.

City of Bismarck developing comprehensive plan

The City of Bismarck is creating its first comprehensive plan.

North Dakota air travel up from 2018

Nearly 1.2 million people boarded planes in North Dakota in 2019.

North Dakotas interesting primary history

The Presidential race among Democrats really starts to solidify in 17 days, with the Iowa Caucus. However, North Dakota Democrats can jump ahead of Iowa voters on Monday.

Mandan roads submitted for 2024 Urban Road Program Funding

As part of the North Dakota Department of Transportation's Improvement Program, cities in the Metropolitan Planning Organization are able to submit funding requests through various programs to improve roadways.

Beulah bond to update high school

Last week, Beulah residents approved a $6.9 million bond on $10.1 million update to the high school.



Countdown To Olympics

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NBC News Headlines

Police officers among those killed in multiple shootings across country

At least 15 people caught in Kansas City violence were being treated at area hospitals, with three listed in critical condition.

The Super Bowl is set: 49ers face Chiefs after dominating conference championship games

Kansas City will face San Francisco in pro football's title game on Feb. 2 in Miami.

Your heartburn drug has been recalled. Now what?

There are alternatives to heartburn relief — including a doctor-approved bedtime trick.

What to know before Virginia's gun rights rally

Gov. Ralph Northam has declared a state of emergency amid fears that Monday's demonstration in Richmond will turn violent.

Brutal cold across much of the U.S. after major winter storm

Ice is a big concern for much of the country, with first responders in Connecticut battling treacherous conditions to rescue a driver who flipped their SUV. The cold is coming down from Canada, where a bomb cyclone created snow drifts as high as 15 feet.