Emergency training exercise at Minot's airport

Emergency training exercise at Minot's airport

You might have noticed members of law enforcement scrambling around the Magic City.


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L.A. sheriff’s deputy admits to fabricating sniper story

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is furious after Angel Reinosa, a deputy in training, admitted that he “completely fabricated” a claim that he was shot by a sniper. He’s now out of a job and under investigation.

Dorian could be hurricane when it reaches Puerto Rico

Dorian's path could shift markedly, but forecast maps suggest it will be a Category 1 hurricane when it approaches the island midweek.

Unsolved child killings in St. Louis prompt officials to offer $100,000 in rewards

The announcement came after an 8-year-old girl was gunned down with her family while sitting outside a restaurant.

Massive gas explosion wrecks Maryland shopping center, office building

No one was injured in the blast, which occurred in a popular business area early Sunday morning.

There were no guidelines for fecal transplants. Then, a patient died.

For decades, fecal transplants went unregulated, with doctors performing them as they pleased.