West Region will try to make it a split at Optimist All-Star Volleyball Series

The East won in Fargo last night in five sets. The West will try to make it a split at Century June 14 in the annual Optimist All-Star Volleyball Series.

It will be the last match in the Olson Gym for Katie Scherr, as the Patriots standout is extremely happy to be back on the court again.

“Obviously I was out for a couple months from my knee injury, and this is my first time being back and being in the game. It’s been fun, I mean obviously it’s fun to get back out on the court and volleyball is my favorite sport, so it’s an awesome feeling to be able to play," says Scherr.

Communication is an important aspect in every team sport, but it seems to play a bigger role in volleyball, as Hazen’s Stephanie Ziegler says.

“Yeah if you’re not talking, things seem to tumble downhill real fast because you have to know who’s getting the ball, and who’s going to take the next ball and where the ball’s coming from," says Ziegler.

"And with not playing with these girls throughout the season, just these few days it’s really important because you don’t really know how they play, and so you have to get used to that," adds Ziegler.

The Optimist All-Stars are scheduled to start June 14 at 7 p.m. Central Time at Century High School.