Sports Spotlight: Zac Martin

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When you ask Zac Martin what his favorite sport is, the Shiloh senior will tell you that it depends on what season it is. That means if you asked him today, he'd say basketball, three weeks ago football, and three months from now baseball.

Martin is a key piece of all three sports at Shiloh Christian and this week he's in the Sports Spotlight.

Last summer Martin finally achieved something he'd had his sights set on since he was a kid: playing baseball for the Bismarck Governors.

"It was just my dream since 10 years old," Martin said. "I ran out on the field when I was 10 with the Govs and that was really fun. I was like I got to play for these guys some day and it was just an awesome experience."

When summer ended that experience and age helped Martin become a different type of leader under center for the Skyhawks.

"I used to be a quiet leader but now I'm getting more vocal," said Martin. "I just feel like you have to be more a little more vocal when you're a senior and a senior leader. I just saw it as I grew older; you want to be the guy that's in the leadership position and I felt like I needed to be that guy this year."

"That's something that I think kind of naturally occurs with young kids you know. When they come in as freshman and sophomores they don't really know what it's about. They don't feel as invested as the juniors, seniors, but I think as kids get older and they start playing more they know what it takes and they know what it takes to prepare and how to win games. They really take on those roles and Zac did a great job of that this year," said head football coach Funnon Barker.

Once the games kicked off Martin brought another type of leadership to the field.

"The big thing about Zac is regardless of situation whether you're up in a game, down in a game he's and even keeled kid, he's a kid that believes they're going to win until the buzzer goes off," said Barker. "He believes he's going to get the job done for you and he showed that through his four years for me."

If you ask Martin, he credits those Skyhawks who came before him for helping him grow into the leader he is.

"I just thought of the old past leaders we've had and how great they were," Martin said. "I just thought I got to be like them or possibly even better. I felt like our team, our football team, has come a long way this year and I just thank the seniors for helping me out with that too."

The football season ended short of a state title, but Martin will have two more chances in basketball and baseball for a high school state title before he plays his last game as a Skyhawk.