Sports Spotlight: Nick MacArthur

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The Century soccer coaches say Nick MacArthur makes magic on the pitch, but he has some tricks up his sleeve off the field too. The Patriots midfielder is this week's Sports Spotlight.

Midfielders can sometimes disappear in soccer stat lines. But not Century's Nick MacArthur.

"He's a magic man out there. He's very good at what he does. He's got a great touch, he sees the field really well. He's a tricky player. He's running one way, he's able to flick a ball the other. A lot of players can't read that, including sometimes his own teammates," said Nate Ulness.

One thing his teammates can see this year is MacArthur's leadership.

"I've kind of come into that role overall. As I've gotten older I've realized that the guys before me aren't here anymore so it's my job to be a leader to the younger guys. I like to be a guy who creates goals, whether I'm scoring goals or making plays for someone else and just knowing that I was a part of something that helped the team," said Ulness.

MacArthur said: "He's a player that gets better every time he plays. He's really come into his own this year, he's really led the team. He's really gotten the ball working around for us, just what you expect out of those midfield players."

And off the field, MacArthur gets a kick out of an interesting hobby. Over the past few years, he's become a pretty accomplished magician.

"I have a really creative mind, and for me they're two different outlets for creativity. Magic being obviously something where, basically you think of an idea and anything is possible as long as you can find out a way to do it. And then soccer, I do a lot of things on the field that a lot of people might call stupid, but to me that's just the type of player I am, a creative player," said MacArthur.

MacArthur can do a variety of tricks, but a deck of cards is his prop of choice.

"Cards are definitely my favorite, just because that's probably the first tricks I learned were definitely card tricks, and then for me, there's no other object really in the world that you can do more tricks with than a deck of cards," said MacArthur.

And coaches say there's not a player who can do more tricks on the field than MacArthur.

"He's a great guy to have on the team, he's a great team player and a great kid to work with. I've had a blast with him these last four years," said Ulness.

And, as he finishes his senior season this weekend, MacArthur and the Patriots will try to cap things off with a state title. Century plays the second game on Thursday in Mandan against Fargo South.​