Sports Spotlight: Maya Chuppe

The Century softball team has the same goal of every squad in North Dakota, to play in the state tournament in June.

If the Patriots reach that goal, and they're only a game out of first place, this week's Sports Spotlight will definitely help get them there.

We profile Century High School senior shortstop Maya Chuppe.

Multi-sport athletes are common in high school. Softball is Maya Chuppe's sport of choice, but it wasn't always that way.

"I started playing baseball when I was in Kindergarten, and then I played with the boys up until I was in High School, and then at that point I switched over to softball and I've been playing for Century since 7th grade," says Chuppe.

What really got her playing softball was her family.

"I really looked up to my brother and my dad and they were really into the sport, and I just really wanted to be like them. I've always been a shortstop, throughout the years I've played a little bit of everywhere, I think I've played every single spot on the field, but I found my home to be shortstop," says Chuppe.

And with six years in the Patriots program, it shouldn't surprise you to find her teammates looking Maya's way for guidance.

"Maya's one of those silent leaders. She leads by example. If you look at her, she's not very big, she's not very loud, very soft spoken, but I tell you what, when she gets on the field, she means business and she takes the game pretty serious, so she's a true softball player," says Century Softball Head Coach, Kevin Ziegler.

A true softball player that does more than spend her days on the field.

"It's the only sport I play now, but I've kept stats for basketball, I'm in student council, art club, a bunch of other things, and it's nice to be well rounded and stuff," says Chuppe.

"For every hour she puts on the field, she's got to put about two or three hours off the field trying to make herself better. She's, that's the kind of worker that she is. To find somebody that works harder than her is going to be pretty tough to find. So that's one of her strengths right there, is how prepared she is and how hard she works," says Ziegler.

And her hard work has paid off, as her time on the field won't stop after graduation.

"I'm actually planning on playing in college next year at St. Benedict in Minnesota, so I like to move my game on the collegiate level, and keep it going," says Chuppe.

Dickinson is on top of the WDA softball standings right now. Chuppe and the Patriots play the Midgets in the Queen City on May 6.