Sports Spotlight: Tiffany Ohlhauser

They are undefeated in the WDA and and they have nine seniors on their team. Coincidence? I don't think so.

The Century soccer team is getting ready for state and while the Patriots are preparing, we focus on one player who's looking for a big win to end her career at CHS.

Tiffany Ohlhauser is in this week's Sports Spotllight.

"She's very sassy," says Lauren Flemming, Century senior defender.

"She's kind of a scrappy player sometimes," says Taylor Weeks, Century senior defender.

"I guess I am a very sassy player, I'm pretty vocal," admits Ohlhauser.

"She is different to play with. She likes bossing people around. Sometimes I'll listen to her, sometimes I don't. but, it's pretty funny being in the back line with her," says Weeks.

Sassy? Maybe. Good at what she does? Most definitely. And playing on the field isn't new to Tiffany.

"I've been playing soccer ever since I was little, like Kindergarten maybe. My sister used to play so I watched her, and then that's when I started. It was just fun watching her play, and then I was a ball girl for her all the time," says Ohlhauser.

As a mainstay for the Patriots, she's proven to be a catalyst for the team.

"Tiffany is a phenomenal athlete. She's been a four year starter for us in the back line. She came in as a freshman, she was definitely ready to step in the varsity level as a starter. She started for us at right back that year, and then we eventually moved her into a center back position with Abby Westbee, the kind of groomer and trainer, and she's kind of taken off and flourished from there," says Nate Ulness, Century girls soccer coach.

After graduation, Tiffany will take her skills to a field not too far from home.

"I had a few other schools talking to me, but Mary really caught my eye. It was to be able to stay close to family, and then know the coaching staff there, and know some of the girls, I played with them during summer, so it was really nice to know that I was accepted into somewhere I'm pretty comfortable in already," says Ohlhauser.

As Tiffany leaves the family she's gotten to know at Century, she's eager to start a new one at the University of Mary.

"I'm looking forward to getting close to more girls, like seeing how they react together, how close they can be as a team, even how well they get along. It'll be nice to be welcomed into a new family," says Ohlhauser.

One familiar face will be teammate Taylor Weeks, as both girls have accepted offers to play for the Marauders.

The Patriots are 11-1 and have three regular season games remaining before the state tournament begins in Mandan June 2.

Their next game is May 19 when Century heads to Legacy.