Sports Spotlight: Jake Heinert

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There's a saying that goes "good things come to those who wait." It's not that all-stater senior Jake Heinert has had to wait to crack the St.Mary's like-up, he is finally getting his chance to be the Saints featured tailback.

In the last three seasons the Saints haven't had a feature tailback. Even with all-staters in the backfield several players shared the load. This season that has all changed.

"It's a big role but I've been waiting all these years to do it so its going to be fun and Ill just do it for the rest of the boys," said Heinert.

"He's really been excited about his senior year because he's finally the main tailback. In his previous years we've had the luxury of having some other tail backs we could flip and switch and he knows this is the year when he's the main tailback," said Dan Smrekar, St. Mary's head coach.

Spending the last few seasons as a part of the crowded backfield has prepared Heinert to be able to carry the load this year.

"I think one thing is the experience and you know he just gives us a great lift offensively. Got great quickness and for a little guy he runs with great power great strength and he's just got great durability and you know right now a lot of our offense is centered around what he can do for us," said Smrekar.

What he can do for the Saints includes going through, around and over opposing defenses. That's earned him the nickname Shake 'n Bake.

"You ever try to catch him? He's just got great quickness and balance and he's just really hard to corral good vision to go with it. And that's what makes him a good tailback," said Smrekar.

Heinert said: "I don't know. I played that position my whole life, so it's just like home back there I've been doing it since I was third grade and playing high school starting varsity since I was a sophomore so its been fun."

Heinert and the Saints hope the fun will continue into mid-November like it has the last two seasons. Jake and the Saints head to Dickinson on Friday to play the Titans. They're both ranked in the top five in the AA poll.​