Pro's Pointer #3

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Common sense usually goes a long way in whatever situation you find yourself in and Johnnie Candle drives that point home in this week's Pro's Pointer.

"I recently read where a bass fishing professional was suspended from the BASS Elite Tour for the rest of the season for his not so courteous actions on the water and that got me thinking about how we treat each other when we're fishing," said Johnnie Candle.

Here's a couple of tips that should make the day more enjoyable. If you're trolling a spot on your favorite lake you want to get behind the other boats, don't cut in front of them and shorten their trolling pass, give them their space.

If you approach a pack of boats on the river that's drifting through a spot, don't be that guy that drops the anchor right in the middle.

If you're fishing in a small crowded spot, approach slowly from the outside and don't be afraid to ask, 'hey do you mind if I fish here' and if you're driving your boat make sure you give the other boats a wide berth and if there's not a enough room to give room make sure you slow down until you're off plane.

There's no need to throw a big wake that might just put somebody out of their boat.

All in all if we take just a little time to think things through we can make the day a lot more enjoyable for everyone around us and you know what? If you have to ask yourself am I really to close. The answer is you probably are.

Next week, Johnnie shows us a nice trick when you're putting new fishing line on your reel.