Minot Tops Century in Class A Boys Championship

It's been a wild year in west region boys basketball between Century and Minot. The two have gone head-to-head three times. They split their two games in the regular season, and then Minot came out on top in the WDA title game.

On Saturday they met up for the fourth and final time this year with a state championship on the line.

Century was trailing until Isaac Wahlin knocked down the 3 in the first half. Patriots would take a one point lead.

The Patriots would break a tie a little later. Andrew Holen drove, scores and drew the foul. Century was not done with its run. Riley Henderson from behind the 3-point line.

Then it was Minot's turn to turn it on. Jesse Roberts hit a three from the corner, followed by Dakota Halvorson knocked one down too.

This game would come down to the very end, but Minot would get the win 61-59. Dakota Halvorson was named tournament MVP and Class A Senior Athlete of the Year.