Mandan Rodeo Comes to an End

The week around the Fourth of July is a busy one for rodeo competitors.
But every year, riders and ropers make a point to come to Mandan for Rodeo days. That's because it pays out over 100-thousand dollars to competitors every year, making it well worth the visit.

This year's tie-down roping champion says the Mandan rodeo also has good livestock, making it a great place to compete.

Jeremy Kempker said, "We actually, we've been out west at them rodeos and we just come back around. I think we've been to 12 rodeos since the 30th. Just go in there and try and go as fast as you can. I knew I had a pretty good calf, and just did what I could."

Other winners from the Mandan Rodeo were:

Taylor Price (Bareback Bronc)- 85 pts
Les Shepperson (Steer Wrestling)- 3.7 sec
Taygen Schuelke (Saddle Bronc)- 81 pts
Garrett Tonozzi and Mat Kasner (Team Roping)- 5.4 sec
Brittany Diaz (Barrel Racing)- 15.25 sec