Sports Spotlight: Parker Harm

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The Chiefs host the Governors over the Fourth of July festivities in Mandan every year.

The Chiefs are trying to catch Bismarck in the statewide standings, and to do it they'll need players like Parker Harm to standout on both sides of the ball.

If there has been an important baseball game in Mandan this year, there's a good chance you would find Harm on the hill. It hasn't always been that way though.

"Always tried to refine my pitching on the mound. My high school coaches used to call me just a thrower and from my freshman up to my senior year and they said finally I became a pitcher. And that's what I've been trying to develop and hitting spots and everything and also I've been trying to get my average up at the plate and help my team out that way, too," said Harm.

Mandan head coach Ryne Jungling said: "He's been a little bit more accepting of trying something new. We've done some different things with him. We hit him second and he hit third in high school season and we've tried to change him a little bit on the mound and add a new pitch those types of things and he's been pretty willing to try some new things and I really think that's going to help him."

It's more than his pitching or helping his team at the plate that's made Parker a threat in the Chiefs lineup.

"He's a consistent player and that's definitely one thing that I've seen in him since he was 14 and he made the A's and he ranks up with some of the better kids that we've had and it helps when you have a really good athlete in center field. I'm excited to see what he can do at the next level," said Jungling.

Harm will take the field as a member of the Bison in Fargo next year. That decision wasn't hard for him to make.

"I thought it was a really sweet campus and it's still in north Dakota so I can come back and visit the parents whenever they want. I just think its a really great program I mean they went to the national tournament two years ago I think and watching them on TV they really stuck out to me. And I've always dreamed of playing for them so I guess now its a reality," said Harm.

Harm hopes to leave Mandan with one more state championship before pulling on the Bison jersey.