Sports Spotlight: Cameron Morman

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For the past two years, Glen Ullin's Cameron Morman has been the Great Plains region champion in steer wrestling while competing for Dickinson State University, so it was only a matter of time before he took a bigger prize in the event.

Morman competes in multiple events for the rodeo team at Dickinson State, but there's one that shoots above the rest in his mind.

"I kind of live for it I guess, I really enjoy steer wrestling," Morman said.

And he's not too bad at it either. He's the two-time region champ, and this year added a national title at the College NFR.

"To be honest, me and the kid that was winning it, we told each other that we were going to be one and two and we didn't care who won it. And going in like I said I was down four seconds and that's a lot to make up in steer wrestling," Morman said. "So I just went and made a smooth a run as I could and it ended up working out for me."

Morman's rodeo career started with team roping in eighth grade. Then he found success in other events, too.

"To be honest, I kind of started chute-dogging in junior high. Went down to the junior high finals and had a pretty decent showing. And then after that everyone just kind of convinced my I should steer wrestle and I just started steer wrestling," Morman said.

Morman was also a stand-out football player for New Salem-Almont-Glen Ullin in high school, but chose to pursue rodeo when he headed to DSU.

"Right away it was just kind of the adrenaline rush I suppose, and bigger rodeos like this you still get that adrenaline kick. But it's fun to train your own horses and watch your horses do well, as well," Morman said.

While a good horse helps, Morman says the biggest reason for his improvement may be found between his ears.

"Just being consistent I guess. Just being mentally strong and doing everything I can to make as good a run as possible," he said.

Morman says he'll be making the rounds at circuit rodeos throughout the summer before defending his national title with the Blue Hawks next year.

Cameron's 4.5 second run in Mandan was good for ninth place.