O'Donnell Stepping Down

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Thadd O'Donnell is stepping down after two decades of coaching wrestling at Dickinson State.

He was third in most wins among active coaches.

O'Donnell coached 105 All-Americans and four of his wrestlers became national championships.

"It was very hard to do, to step down, because I told my wide Tracie, the only thing I've probably done longer than being involved in wrestling since a little kid is breathing," he said. "So it's definitely going to be a change. I'm still going to be in the hallway, I'm still going to be around and still have that contact with those athletes."

The Blue Hawks finished in the top five in the country four times under O'Donnell's direction.

"Last year, I was asked to do more on an administrative role in our physical education department and so, besides being head wrestling, head golf, and then also teaching, it was a lot of hats to wear and our wrestling program is in great shape."

Dickinson State has his replacement in place and it will make that announcement in the near future.