Christian Laettner in Dickinson

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\Today's high school basketball players weren't around when Christian Laettner was dominating the NCAA as a member of the Duke Blue Devils but that hasn't stopped Laettner from traveling around the country hosting camps helping high school players fine tune their skills.

The former Blue Devil has been out in Dickinson this week and so far he's liking what he's seen.

"The talent out here is very good. I am impressed with the talent," Laettner said. "Especially when they play the right way. They're pretty good now; if they dribble too much and don't cut when they pass the ball and all those things then they're just ordinary, but if they play the right way and cut and don't dribble so much they play a really good brand of basketball and it's enjoyable to watch and it's enjoyable to coach."

Earlier this year ESPN released a film entitled "I Hate Christian Laettner," which took a look at Laettner's time as a Duke Blue Devil in the early 90's.

Laettner and those Duke teams are considered some of the best college basketball has ever seen. However, as he travels around the country to places like Dickinson hosting camps, the kids attending weren't alive when he was suiting up for Duke.

"The reactions always been the same out here. You know the kids don't know who I am and the parents might have to show them on YouTube what I was doing 20 years ago or 15 years ago and that's fine," Laettner said. "A lot of times the first day the kids don't know who I am and then the second day you can see a different look in their eye because their parents showed them something on aYouTube or the 'I Hate Christian Laettner' movie, so it's a lot of fun for me."

Whether they recognize Laettner right away or not, the main point he wants to get across is one from a coach most kids will know.

"The pointers I'm most worried about is the thing that coach K used to say to me when I was at Duke, and the same thing that my father used to say to me when I was between second and eighth grade, which was catch the ball and don't dribble," Laettner said. "That's a big tenant of the game that I'm trying to teach these kids."

Laettner's camp in Dickinson runs through Wednesday, and for more information on the Laettner Basketball Academy go to the