Governors Baseball

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Both Double-A legion baseball teams in Bismarck-Mandan are at home tonight.

The Governors are on top of the statewide standings with five straight victories and Marisa DeCandido talked with the head coach before their doubleheader with Jamestown.

Marisa DeCandido: "Well, LT I'm here with Bismarck Governors coach Mike Skytland. And now the Govs have been on the road since June 11, but they came back to Bismarck yesterday to face Williston, they took two games from them and now they're going up against Jamestown tonight. So Coach, what exactly did your team learn from all that time on the road playing some tough competition in Omaha and other places?"

"I think we gained some experience. We had some inexperienced guys and we tried some guys at different positions and I think they started to learn where they were comfortable and I think we just have a lot more confidence coming back home and it was good to get a good start last night," said Skytland.

"How is this team gelling together because obviously lost a lot of players, have some other kids who weren't on the team last year? What has it been like?" asked Marisa.

Skytland said, "I think the road helps that a little bit too, that everybody learns each other a little better and what they can do well and not do so well on the field, and I think we're really starting to come together and the guys are starting to feel a little more like a team as we've went here lately."

"We've really been getting some good pitching efforts and the defense the last couple games have been real good and that's a good combination," he added.