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Missouri River inmates teaching service dogs through Canine Assistance Program

Moose on the loose in Bismarck

Fall mule deer survey indicates good fawn production in ND

Two mule deer harvested in ND test positive for CWD

Roosevelt Park Zoo celebrates World Okapi Day

A stinky situation

Bison roundup at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Bison roundup scheduled at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Deer crossing season alert

Moose spotted in Minot

Lion exhibit opens at Roosevelt Park Zoo

Detroit Lakes man threatens to kill his cat as Valley News Live reports another cat death at his home

Roosevelt Park Zoo receives AZA accreditation

Mandan officers help save an owl

An inside look at the Roosevelt Park Zoo's state-of-the-art lion exhibit

Dakota Zoo wolves thriving since July introductions

Changes to Endangered Species Act not likely to hurt Dakota Zoo’s conservation efforts

Man pets bison in latest Yellowstone dangerous-behavior video

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Daredevils jump 800+ feet on West Virginia ‘holiday’

Our Gadi Schwartz went to West Virginia for the annual Bridge Day, the one day every year when the New River Gorge Bridge closes off traffic and opens to pedestrians, to allow them to watch BASE jumpers fly 876 feet into the gorge below.

Family of slain UPS driver in violent Miami car chase calls police response rushed and premature

“It could’ve been avoided,” UPS driver Frank Ordonez’s stepfather said. “Other tactics should have been applied and they weren’t applied.”

Deadly attacks on U.S. military bases highlight inside threats to Americans serving

Today’s deadly shooting in Pensacola follows an incident at Pearl Harbor Naval shipyard on Wednesday, where an active duty sailor killed two people and himself.

Saudi Air Force member identified as gunman in Navy base shooting

Military and law enforcement officials say that Mohamed Saeed Alshamrani was a second lieutenant in the Saudi Arabian Air Force, in Pensacola for flight training.

Shooting at Pensacola Naval base kills 3, wounds 8

Officers were on the scene in less than 5 minutes and engaged Mohammed Alshamrani, the suspected shooter, in a gun battle -- ultimately killing him.