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Ducks Unlimited plans to bring 120-acre park to Bismarck

Watch cops' heartwarming rescue of a trapped horse

Dove killing virus in Bismarck-Mandan

Animal shelter in Minot temporarily closed following alleged threats, trespassing

Roosevelt Park Zoo updates cat habitats

Moose that was trapped on icy Missouri River dies

Rescuers work to free young moose trapped on frozen Missouri River

Dakota Zoo Raises Money for Australia

Mountain Lion spotted in Williston neighborhood

Bottineau County horse has equine herpesvirus

Souris Valley Animal Shelter surpasses Christmas goals

Bismarck city law requires pet owners to provide proper shelter for outdoor pets

A Bismarck animal shelter helps stray cats escape the cold

Dakota Zoo performs root canal on otter

Missouri River inmates teaching service dogs through Canine Assistance Program

Moose on the loose in Bismarck

Fall mule deer survey indicates good fawn production in ND

Two mule deer harvested in ND test positive for CWD

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After missteps, CDC says its coronavirus test kit is ready for primetime

"This has not gone as smoothly as we would have liked," Dr. Nancy Messonnier of the CDC said.

Meet the 7-year-old space expert with out-of-this-world dreams

Jerry Morrison has always been fascinated by space. The 7-year-old was inspired by his Uncle Joey, who works as a NASA engineer. Now Jerry teaches other kids about the galaxy and is shooting for the stars when it comes to his bright future.

What Americans should know about preventing coronavirus spread

Masks are most helpful when worn by people who are already sick to help prevent infecting others, experts say. The CDC advises to wash your hands regularly, cover your cough and avoid touching your face.

Investigators search for answers in mystery California coronavirus case

The CDC is working with Sacramento doctors to find out how a female patient was infected with COVID-19 outside of quarantine. Medical staff who treated her are in isolation and her family under a 14-day quarantine as doctors reach out to her employer and those who may have been in contact with her.

False claims online distort coronavirus symptoms, promote bogus cures

Here are some of the claims spreading online, and the facts you need to know about them.