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Dog named Magic found alive two days after brick wall collapses on him

"They say men don't cry, but I was so happy, I was crying," his owner said after the dog was discovered in the rubble.

Baby born after Hurricane Michael starts life in Walmart parking lot

Luke is healthy and so is Lorrainda Smith, his mom. But she said her newborn deserves better than the stormy life he's had so far.

Christian woman at center of blasphemy uproar awaits verdict on death sentence in Pakistan

Supreme Court judges are expected to rule on Aasia Bibi's appeal as demonstrators call for the death penalty to be upheld.

Gunfire kills Afghan police chief, senior U.S. general escapes

Gen. Abdul Razeq, a leading police commander, was killed, an aide said.

Turkish forensic teams search Saudi consulate for clues on missing journalist

Investigators wearing white white suits and carrying boxes of evidence emerged from the building early on Thursday morning.