Midgets in the Capital City

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The Dickinson Midgets have lost just one game so far in their season against their 2016 State rival, the Minot Magicians.


While Minot is placed 3rd in the West Region standings, the number two spot is held by the Century Patriots, a team the Midgets are familiar playing against, and will battle against tonight.

Head Coach for the Midgets, Pete Dobitz says, "the good thing, well the thing about the WDA is, many of the teams, many many of the teams are well coached, and when you're going up against teams that are well coached, if you come to the game a little flat, you're going to have a tough time getting a victory. And, you know you always have to play clean because the WDA puts the ball in play, and if you're not going, you know you're going to make errors, you're going to pay the price. So, we always work real hard on our defense, making sure that we're ready to play."

And while the west isn’t easy to play in, the Midgets are confident in their on-field performance, no matter who they’re playing. "Yeah, the West is tough, like I said, and everybody's got great players, you know, you graduate some, or not, everybody's coming in for the goal, and that's to win every game,” Senior center fielder Shawn Staffan says. “And, so like we said, our groups' very athletic, we can play multiple positions, it's not like one guy just stays at the same spot, we can just move people around, depends on who's on the mound, and so our versatility is really key for us this year."

Senior third baseman Treven Hopfauf mentions, "Century is always there because they always have so many kids coming out, but other than that, I think Minot's probably the number one."

First pitch for game one is at 4:30, and game two will follow.