Chef Tyler's Salsa Verde & Feta Mousse


Salsa Verde

• 2 parts Tomatillos
• 1 part chiles (I suggest a mix of poblano and jalapeño)
• 1 part yellow onion
• Garlic to taste (roasted)
• salt and pepper
• cilantro to taste
• lime juice to taste

• Roast first four ingredients 400 degrees until blistered/tender (charred skin is a good thing!), about 20 minutes
• allow to cool slightly, stem, peel skins, derib/seed peppers
• add to food processor, with remaining ingredients, pulse until desired consistency, taste, season, hold

Feta Mousse

• salsa verde (finished product from above)
• crumbled feta
• heavy cream


• Add all three ingredients to food processor (2 parts verde, 1 part feta, 1/2 part heavy cream)
• whip until desired consistency is reached (spreadable smooth paste)
• Taste, Season, Enjoy as a spread on sandwiches, wraps, with eggs, or even just chips!