Chef Tyler's Greek Stuffed Peppers


• Quinoa (cooked) …or any grain (wild rice, brown rice, etc)
• Cherry tomatoes (split)
• kalamata olives (split, pitted)
• chickpeas (drained, rinsed)
• Red onion (diced, roasted)
• Zucchini (diced, roasted)
• Feta
• fresh dill
• Lemon juice
• salt and pepper
• Whole bell peppers, tops removed


1. Cook quinoa (package instruction are usually reliable)
2. In a pan with a splash of olive oil combine all ingredients.
3. Taste, and season
4. Take warm mixture and stuff into bell peppers
5. Put peppers in shallow roasted pan, cover bottom of pan with liquid (water, stock, wine)
6. Foil wrap, and roast at 350 for 35-40 minutes (until peppers are tender, and feta is melty)