Asparagus Bundles with poached egg


1 pound of asparagus
Olive oil, salt and pepper
4 oz prosciutto
Toasted baguette, or thick slice of good bread
Eggs for poaching (instruction to follow)
olive oil for topping


Roast asparagus with oil salt and pepper (350 for 15)

Split asparagus into four equal parts.

Wrap each asparagus portion with thin strips of prosciutto.

Bring pot of water to a gentle simmer (add 1T vinegar)

Crack egg into separate bowl, swirl water then gently lower egg into water.

Toast bread and asparagus in the oven (about 4-5 minutes)

Remove egg after 4 minutes when whites are set and yolk is still soft.

Serve bundle over toast and top with egg, drizzle with good olive oil and a sprinkle of salt.