Homegrown with Hope: Youth Art Month

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BISMARCK, N.D. - For the rest of the week, there is a place you can go in Bismarck to be surrounded by the creativity of young hearts. The Touchmark retirement community is celebrating March as National Youth Art Month by putting together a gallery featuring pieces by students in 10 schools across the area.

More than 200 pieces of art have been on display at Touchmark on West Century all month, created by kindergarteners, elementary, high school and college students. They're helping the community see why the Council for Art Education dedicates 31 days to these young people and their creations.

"It bridges all cultures. Art is found across the entire globe, regardless of your language or political affiliation," Andrea Fagerstrom, Visual Arts Instructor at Bismarck State College said. "This exhibit is a perfect example of it. I love that it has such a massive age range because any time you can step outside of your bubble and be around people of other view points, it only does good things."

Dorothy Krogen, a resident at Touchmark, is a featured artist among the gallery. She discovered her talent later in life.

"When my kids were able to drive themselves to school, I and my husband decided we were going to take some art lessons," she said.

She would quickly go on to win awards for her paintings. Today, they stand proudly in the center of the lobby, surrounded by everything from middle school students' photography, to high school students' portraits, to kindergartners’' finger paints.

"Oh, does it ever brighten up these halls," Dorothy smiles.

Art instructors across the community hope to encourage more art education early on in childhood.

"There have been countless studies showing creativity is directly linked with problem-solving," Andrea explained.

Organizers at Touchmark hope the display will help paint a picture of what an impact art can bring to all stages of life.