Homegrown with Hope: What you'll find at Bismarck's Baby Cafe

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A new network is forming in Bismarck to provide breastfeeding support to moms. It's called the Baby Cafe and it's open every Monday at Maximized Chiropractic, from 11 to 1 p.m.

The Baby Cafe USA organization brings lactation support professionals to nursing moms all over America at no cost. The room at Maximized Chiropractic was bursting with life as families played and talked together. Organizers say they're goal was to make everyone feel welcome.

"There's lots of nosie and kids running around here, so we're very kid friendly," Becky Kuss, Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant, said.

Here, moms can connect with lactation consultants like Becky, ask questions to nurses, chat with doulas and seek help from therapists of all kinds. The organizers of this Baby Cafe understood nursing challenges can come in many forms.

"We have a pediatric dentist we have in mind that does laser lip and tongue tie revisions. So, we'll bring her in to talk about the importance of that and what can be going on with nursing," Whitney Coleman, RN and owner at Maximized Chiropractic, said.

Together, they are proving Bismarck is a community rich with support for breastfeeding moms. The national Baby Cafe organization reports 80% of US women start breastfeeding, but 60% of them won't meet their goals when it comes to nursing babies.

"You don't realize how difficult it is. And to have that kind of group of support in our community, moms just aren't aware that it's out there," Coleman said.

The Baby Cafe runs off grants and donors. Organizers hope to soon offer more drop-in times that work for working parents.