Homegrown with Hope: The new way to sell Girl Scout cookies

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The Girl Scouts of America kicked off cookie season on Friday, Feb. 21, beginning a six week all-out push to sell their famed product. Many scouts had already been preparing weeks ahead of time to raise their sales.

"I do booth, house-to-house, and I have Digital Cookie, which is an app and a website where you can buy cookies. It's really convenient, you can do it 24-hours a day," Arabella, a brownie with a Dakota Horizons Girl Scout Troop, said.

As the years bring advancements in technology, these scouts are finding ways to keep a longstanding tradition at the cutting edge. Their new app also includes a 'Cookie Booth Locator.'

"If you put in your zip code, it will tell you the nearest locations selling cookies," said Stacey Spadgenske, a troop leader.

The national Girl Scouts organization is finding new ways to connect more people to their sales, including by offering credit card purchases instead of cash and check.

Still, troop leaders say scouts are learning valuable life skills from the face-to-face interactions that won't be sacrificed for technology.

"You have to learn rejection when people don't want to buy, and different selling skills," Spadgenske said.

The scouts also say they love learning all aspects of running their sales.

"When we sell cookies, we do money management, business ethics, goal setting, decision making, we do so much more when we're selling cookies. It's just a great thing for girls to do," Arabella said.

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