Homegrown with Hope: The Most Grateful Time of the Year

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Many of us will be counting our blessings this week. One of them, I hope, will be that we live in a country that celebrates gratitude, dedicates a season to reflect on it and teaches our children what that means. That can be a lesson that takes time and experience to truly appreciate.

I know that because it took becoming a parent for me to understand just how grateful I am for my own. I paid a visit to Lincoln Elementary for this week's Homegrown with Hope, to share a thank you these students have for their loved ones.

In Abbie Taylor's third grade class, students took a break from their reading to talk to us about the meaning of the holiday.

"Being thankful for what you have that other people might not have," said 8-eight-year Madeline Choinard, explains. She says she's thankful her parents can take her places others might not be able to go, like a school.

"Thank you for buying me a shelter, so I can sleep, and clothes that I can wear, and an education so I can learn," said 9-year-old Arielle Hassebrock.

One by one, as the children stop to tell us what fills them gratitude, you could feel the joy as they counted their blessings.

"My bed, my family, my brother and pumpkin pie," said one first grader in Lisa Miller's class said with a big toothless grin.

They beam with pride for the simplest of things, filling the room with proof that their families have taught them the true measure of wealth and the depth of their fortunes. They left us with smiles and warm hearts, knowing this next generation is celebrating this season of gratitude.