Homegrown with Hope: How to Work Out with Baby

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BISMARC, N.D. - A new group fitness class in Bismarck is helping parents of young children find ways to be active without having to leave the house, and without having to leave the kids.

Active Life Chiropractic in Bismarck designed a Mommy and Me Fitness class that means you don't get to use a busy baby as an excuse not to take care of yourself any more.

"It was awesome," Dr. Brooke Breuer, Chiropractor, said of the class. "We had a room full. The energy was really high with moms and a bunch of giggling babies everywhere."

Dr. Brooke explained how exercising with babies actually keeps them entertained. So, Lucy and I gave it a shot together. In her highly curious stage, she spent much of the time I was doing floor exercising crawling around the room. But, with fitness coaches and fellow parents all around me, it was a safe space for the both of us to be active. Staff said during their class, the babies also enjoyed interacting with one another.

Their tips helped me to understand that it is possible for the two of us to exercise together. Staff helps to modify your movements to meet the changes in your body. Whether that means stepping instead of jumping, or sitting on a bench to do squats, babies get a kick out of the big movements.

Employees showed me how to raise my baby up and down work my arms, and how to turn planks into play-time with her. In all the moving around, the two of us had a lot of fun.

"What I found was if I could do things at home while the baby is there, that just worked so much better," said Dr. Sara Weigel-Ness, owner and chiropractor at Active Life.

Dr. Ness is a mother to three children. She says she hopes her clinic will help address some of the pressures she felt as a new mom.

"I found that once I had babies, I was putting 100-percent of my time into them and I kind of lost myself for a while."

It took simple movements like the ones they showed to help them learn putting mom's health first is the same as putting her family first. Now, the staff there has dedicated their work to share those lessons with other new mothers, who have just been trying to keep up with our busy lives. Now, we can take the lead.

The next Mommy and Me Fitness Class is scheduled for Saturday, March 30 at Active Life in Bismarck.