Christmas Socks Poem from BIGnick

Christmas Socks, a poem written by BIGnick.

Christmas Socks

Dear Santa,

I just wanted to say thank you for all the presents I ever got

Even those red and green, ugly Christmas socks

I remember games of Frisbee down at the sandlot

And splashing in the puddles were my ugly Christmas socks

My toy t-Rex wore them when I was bored

That little argyle reptile made my heart soar

The older I got the more precious they became

Despite all the holes I loved them all the same

From warm, weathered hands were sown the two

It was then that I realized grandma works for you

So this Christmas, Santa, I offer you a trade

I’ll give you my socks to have grandma for one more day

Without her they’re just patches of crazy colored cloth

Instead of my very own, my very favorite ugly Christmas socks

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