Williston home improvement retailer helps Korean War veteran

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A Korean War veteran in Williston has been dealing with many obstacles in his life. Recently, when he faced another one, a home improvement retailer decided to step in.

Eighty-five-year old Floyd Semenko has lived in Williston most of his life. For the eight years he didn't, he served in the Marine Corp. Even now, he still has a sense of humor when he looks back at his time.

"I enjoyed it! Until they wanted me to sign up again," said Semenko.

Since his service, Semenko has been a commander of the local American Legion chapters.

Six years ago, Semenko lost a foot and part of his right leg to diabetes. Earlier this year, he lots the lower half of his left leg to disease.

"It's another way for me to give back," said Grant Carns, Williams County, veterans service officer.

Carns brought Semenko's need to Home Depot's attention.

"I had seen that the Home Depot often does community based projects like this with not only Veterans, but other organizations and other people in need in their community," said Carns.

To Semenko's surprise, the home improvement retailer decided to build a ramp in front of his house for free.

"All of the sudden a semi pulls out in the front with all of the lumber on it. My gosh they just kept on unloading, I thought we are building onto the house or something," said Semenko.

Lyla, Floyd Semenko's wife, is pleased with the ramp and says she can't thank those involved in the effort enough.

"Our grandson was here the other night and he took him out. We eat in the patio a lot when the kids come over. We are all together again," said Semenko.

While we can't begin to repay the debt we owe our veterans, making life a little easier, goes a long way.

Semenko says this summer he looks forward to getting out of the house and attending the Babe Ruth World Series, which will be held in Williston.